January 29, 2022

Job Overview

As a Digital Content Writer at Future Cue, you’ll get to create content that shares our story and vision, promote our brand, and makes an impact across many different digital platforms. Future-Cue, is an excellent place to grow your career. Don’t hesitate to apply.

Responsibilities for Content Writer

Write, edit and publish content for websites, blogs, videos, social media posts/campaigns, email campaigns, podcasts, e-books, whitepapers, and more

Create content that motivates, inspires, educates, informs, sells, and simply, provides information, across a wide variety of digital platforms

Work closely with the digital marketing team to produce content that generates results

Use your editing, content management, and HTML skills to publish and edit content across various digital platforms

Use your knowledge of SEO and content development to create digital content that helps us get found via search engines, and showcases our company as a leader within the industry

Become an influencer who makes an impact on the company and within the industry through the production of digital content

Qualifications for Content Writer

Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a professional portfolio

Impeccable grasp of the English language, including idioms and current trends in slang and expressions

Ability to work independently with little or no daily supervision

Strong interpersonal skills and willingness to communicate with clients, colleagues, and management

Ability to work on multiple projects with different objectives simultaneously

Strict adherence to the style guides of each company and their policies for publication

Good time management skills, including prioritizing, scheduling, and adapting as necessary

Proficiency with computers, especially writing programs, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Familiarity with each client’s requirements and the company’s brand image, products, and services


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